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Description of book, care of Amazon.com:

“”Acting In Japan: A Foreigner’s Guide” is a MUST HAVE for anyone even remotely interested in the Japanese entertainment industry. Whether you are currently living in Japan or planning to visit soon, and want to try your hand at acting merely for the “experience” or are actively pursuing a full time career as an actor… this book serves as a catalyst to the forefront of the gaijin talent pool. Within it’s pages you will discover a plethora of unwritten rules, cultural norms, and insider information that typically takes many years to learn on one’s own. You’ll also learn key Japanese terminology, what to expect on-set, tips on passing auditions, and even advice on discovering your most marketable image in Japan. The authors: Jason Straatmann and Kai Patrick both have years and years of experience living as working actors in Japan, coupled with hundreds of commercial, television, and film jobs under their belt. By writing this book they are allowing their readers access to a very tight-knit and closed community via standing on the shoulders of two legitimate industry vets.”